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16th January 2020

Full Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) Broadband in Kings Nympton

Kings Nympton’s future-ready broadband project has taken a large step forward with the formal approval by the Parish Council of a revised quote from Openreach to provide full fibre broadband in Kings Nympton village.

The deployment of the fibre is expected to be fully covered by public funds thanks to the number of businesses and households that pre-registered at a public meeting in the Parish Hall in May last year for the government’s broadband grants scheme.

Those who gave their names will remember that their only obligation will be to take out a 12 month contract for fibre broadband with the provider of their choice (for example BT) once the fibre has been installed in the village. The grant money will be paid by the government direct to Openreach to help cover the substantial cost of the fibre deployment.

The government department administering the grant scheme will now contact many if not all of those who gave their names last year to check their continuing agreement. This stage is expected to take about four weeks.

Once the grant monies are confirmed, Openreach will invite the Parish Council to sign a deployment contract. The installation of the fibre infrastructure in the village is expected to be completed within 12 months of that signing.

The fibre network will give every business and household in Kings Nympton village access to download speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s, some 300 times faster than the service many currently endure. Upgrading by Openreach of the exchange equipment at Chulmleigh will eventually increase speeds to 1 Gbit/s and beyond.

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Adrian Lake