Can you help the Beaford Archive record life during lockdown?

James Ravilious’s Archive is a much-loved record of everyday life in northern Devon, containing over 80,000 of his photographs taken at the end of the last century. In the current lockdown, however, even James could not have recorded the full impact of coronavirus. The only way we’ll do that is together.

Can you help us to create this important new chapter of the Beaford Archive? We’d like to collect lots of present-day local photographs, all responding to the question:

“What are you experiencing right now?”

This isn’t a competition; it’s a collection. We’ll exhibit as many photos as we can in curated galleries on these pages. And all the photos we receive will be saved forever in the Beaford Archive. Together, we'll create a record of our communities in the time of coronavirus: North Devon Here and Now.

See how you can help at https://beaford.org/